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Desktop / Mobile App (Progressive Web App aka PWA)

Our app can be installed instantly as a desktop or mobile app on MacOS, iPadOS, iOS, Android, Linux and Windows Desktop. 

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Workout Journal

Your workouts are naturally grouped by week and month so you can easily scan your workout history.

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Workout Logging

Our original design keeps you focused on just one task at a time. We autosave your progress and let you track any custom exercise.

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Workout Filters

Find exactly what you're looking for in your workouts with over 20 unique filters.

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Workout Reports

View key statistics and line charts that represent your progress over time. Included will be all of your personal records, shortcuts to past workouts, and an integrated rep max calculator.

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Personal Record Display

We will automatically show you how much you have improved on each set.

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Many Distance Units

Select your distance unit on a set by set basis. Our system will conveniently remember the last distance unit you used for each exercise, and will preselect it for you next time.

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Various Exercise Types

We support tracking Weight/Reps, Weight/Time, Weight/Distance, Time/Distance, Bodyweight, and Assisted Bodyweight

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Integrated Stopwatch and Rest Timer

Track your time based exercises without ever leaving the app. You can also set a timer to alert you.

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Offline Functionality

Our app will work offline, and will automatically sync with our servers when you reconnect.

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No Account Required

Feel free to use our app as a guest.

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Multiple Device Access

Access your workout data from any device in the world.

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Dark / Light Mode

Toggle between dark and light, and choose from over 300 different colors.

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Single Sign On

You can securely sign in to our app using Google, Facebook, or directly through our service.


The App

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